Caicos Caribbean Lines, LLC (Caicos) began service to the Turks and Caicos Islands and other destinations in 2011.
As a family owned business, Caicos seeks to provide superior personal service to each and every customer.

Caicos is licensed by the Federal Maritime Commission and is fully insured.

Joanne Tyson, President puts it this way "At Caicos we are really "The People Who Care" for the shipping needs of
the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Joanne's vision for Caicos is to continue to provide dependable, scheduled warehousing and transportation services far into the future. "Building our business and improving our services is our mission and goal. We see a great future ahead for The Turks and Caicos Islands and for Caicos Caribbean Lines"

Caicos Miami personnel along with our agent partner, Cairsea have provided more than 30 continuous-years of service to the Turks islands.

Caicos and Cairsea provide a complete menu of cargo handling and shipping services including bonded cargo.

Following is a partial list of our services

  • FCL, Full Container Loads
  • LCL, Less than Container Loads
  • Consolidation
  • Transloading of Cargo
  • Inland Trucking
  • Marine Cargo Insurance
  • Bonded Facility

Less than Container Load

The most cost-effective way to ship small orders from the United States to Turks & Caicos Islands is by the Less than Container Load. Shipping services are trustworthy and dependable in shipping items for a business or for personal use. Keep in mind that the company can address receiving needs, take care of proper documentation and transit information. The tracking system keeps clients updated on the location of each item that is shipped.


Caicos Caribbean Lines, LLC. has beneficial consolidation services that enable charges for shipping and inventory costs to be kept low. Not only that but also the company seeks to combine large volumes of cargo, household merchandise, and specific projects. The warehouse services are able to provide important information for regular clients, and the company’s Miami warehouse can receive, combine and deliver shipments in a timely manner. Clients are welcome to provide the company with requirements and invoices that are necessary before merchandise arrives at a warehouse. 

Transloading of Cargo

Caicos Caribbean Lines, LLC. is able to transfer specific cargo on a particular mode of transportation to a flatrack or a container. Besides this, there is a unique operation that is designed to take care of freight that is of many different sizes and weights for clients. Caicos Caribbean Lines Inc. is able to take care of the freight and cargo needs while keeping clients up to speed on the location of merchandise. 

Inland Trucking

More than two different modes of transportation are available for clients by Caicos Caribbean Lines, LLC. This service is available for the continental United States and Canada. Furthermore, trucking services are specifically for clients who desire to ship or receive merchandise in Florida. 

Marine Cargo Insurance

Caicos Caribbean Lines, LLC. has the insurance that is necessary for clients. It is underwritten by Lloyds.

Caicos Caribbean Lines, LLC. is the company people can trust in when in need of shipping in and around Turks & Caicos Islands. We, as professionals from the company, are willing and able to provide helpful assistance that will get your cargo to the proper location in a timely manner. Contact CCL today.